Teresa Jusino of proclaims:

Galactic Girl in: Attack of the Starbarians will have you laughing from the first few moments of the show. While this is the Comic Book Festival, this particular show incorporates the conventions of other geek-friendly mediums, like gaming and sci-fi television, all to great effect. This felt like something written by a fan, not by someone trying to capitalize on geekdom being popular, which makes all the difference in the effectiveness of the humor.

Charles Battersby of states:

Sometimes we go to the theater for grand drama or literature, but it’s also nice to walk into a theater and see cute girls punching robots, and that’s what you get from Galactic Girl in Attack of the Starbarians. Running in the Brick Theater’s Comic Book Theater Festival, Galactic Girl is a very silly show, but also a very good one. It’s a lot like watching anime, but with live actors right in front of you. Galactic Girl, and her team of bubbly space babes fight bad guys, pilot space ships, and shoot laser guns thanks to some excellent stuntwork, imaginative directing, and extensive use of multimedia on a large projection screen.

Amanda LaPergola from says:

Galactic Girl creates an action-packed night of escapism at a fraction of that Spiderman musical’s budget. Writer and director Jon Hoche, a veteran of Vampire Cowboys, brings that theatre’s action-heavy aesthetic to the proceedings. A special mention needs to go to fight choreographer Rod Kinter and the athletic cast for the highly engaging fight sequences. I always want to recognize costume designer Candace Thompson, who made Galactic Girl and her cohorts sexy, but not sleazy (practical footwear on super heroines has always been a pet peeve of mine. How can you save the world when your calf muscles are messed up?)

Mateo Moreno raves:

When thinking of a badass, who do you think of? You might say Rambo. He’s pretty badass. Maybe Chuck Norris, cause he can do literally anything if you blindly believe everything on the web (and of course I do). Perhaps it’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Sarah Connor, The Bride from Kill Bill or pre-gut Steven Seagal (to be fair, he’d probably still kick the crap out of most of us…and then go eat a dozen donuts). Well, after seeing Jon Hoche’s Galactic Girl in Attack of the Starbarians, I’ve gotta add three more names to that badass list: Moxie-5, Pixel, and of course…Galactic Girl.

Adam McGovern of give GG “5 stars”

In a world where…” Jack Kirby’s Galaxy Green was a hundred-issue hit and Russ Meyer made sci-fi flicks, you’d get Galactic Girl, conceived and perpetrated by Jon Hoche.